RFX-1000/2000 Low Cost Locator

Our security company had pre wired hundred's of quadplex's and needed to be able to locate the hidden wires and splices when they went in to install the alarm equipment. "Opps" was not an option...So was born the RFX-1000/2000.

The RFX-1000/2000 is a Radio Based Wire, Cable and Pipe Locator, designed to locate all types of inside wiring and piping.The RFX-1000 Transmitter can be connected to LIVE AC power (up to 220VAC) to allow tracing of live electrical circuits.When connected to WORKING telephone lines the RFX-1000 Transmitter is totally Transparent. It is not audible on the phone line and does not disrupt FAX, modem, or voice communication.

The RFX-1000 can even transmit into a ground, so you can locate and trace grounded water pipes back to the street.

The RFX-1000/2000 is a RADIO transmitter and receiver operating at 455khz with two user selectable modulated tones (600hz/800hz). Because its Radio based, the RFX System has a detection range of over 10 feet.

The System uses a "Null" mode Antenna. When you point the antenna at the hidden wire , you do not hear the signal. This allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a hidden wire or cable to with in the width of the antenna.

The RFX-1000/2000 System is housed in STURDY metal cases, and is supplied in an attractive plastic carrying case.

All units come with a 2-meter ground extender lead, and are fully warranted for 1 year.

The RFX-1000/2000 System is powered off of a 9-volt battery (1 each).

Product Features


  • The RFX Family of locators are completely transparent on live phone lines and as such will not disrupt Fax, Modem or Voice communications.


  • The RFX Family of receivers work in Null Mode. This allows pinpoint location of wires and cables hidden in walls and ceilings, or in the ground.


  • The RFX Family of locators can be direct connected to Live AC Power lines (up to 250VAC), Live telephone lines (with full transparency), and to dead copper conductors.

Low Cost:

  • The RFX Family of locators are priced competitively to compete with machines costing thousands of dollars.


  • The RFX Family of locators can be expanded by purchasing a 1 watt transmitter and other accessories.

Product Specifications

low cost spec.PNG