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The USB DATA BLOCKER ensures safe charging of mobile devices by physically isolating USB Data.

USB enabled devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones often provide little to no security between USB connected devices. Consequently, this lack of security renders the USB port on your device vulnerable to data extraction by cybercriminals or identity thieves.
Billions of mobile devices in use globally each day has spawned the deployment of millions of publicly accessible charging stations in hotels, airports, trains, planes, schools, and shopping malls, amongst other places. Those in need of a charge tend to ignore the security risks posed by these stations, and blindly connect their device…despite the fact that they provide a criminal with a perfect method to extract stored, and network accessible data, from your connected device, including cloud or other trusted networks.

The USB Data Blocker provides impenetrable isolation between your mobile device and the connected charging station, or host, by physically isolating cutting the data connection. USB Data Blocker has no common electronics or connections between the connectors, assuring that the device cannot be compromised by software, virus or malware. Data isolation 100% guaranteed.
Fully compliant to the USB specification, the USB Data Blocker is compatible with all devices, permitting the delivery of the optimum charge current to the connected device

  • Absolute data isolation - The USB Data Blocker assures physical isolation of data connections while permitting full current transmission of USB power.

  • Compatible with all devices– The USB Data Blocker device is engineered to provide optimal current to all brands and types of connected devices

  • Protect confidential data – Physical isolation ensures that your data can not be accessed.

  • Tamper evident enclosure– The USB Data Blocker is encased in a transparent enclosure to enable rapid visual identification of any attempted modifications to the device

  • Plug-and-Go Security– USB Data Blocker is a compact and light weight device small enough to be left on your charging cable, without adding bulk or weight.

  • Mobile Device Protection –USB Data Blocker prevents unauthorized data extraction via the USB port posed by compromised public charging stations.

  • Host Protection –USB Data Blocker prevents the unauthorized exfiltration of host data via the USB port when connected to a malware infected mobile device. Example: the BADUSB compromise

The USB Data Blocker is compatible with all USB based mobile phones,
tablets, computers, and appliances.

  • No batteries required

  • No software

  • No drivers.

  • No patches

USB Data Blocker weighs only 6 grams (<1/4 oz.)
And is a tiny 4cm x 1.5cm x 1.1cm (1.5”x5/8”x1/2”)

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