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The Direct Connect P1 Probe

The P1 probe is an indispensable accessory for the RFX that is proudly 100% Canadian Made.

The probe extends the signal length over which the RFX-2000/RFX-2500 receiver can operate from existing 400 meters (1312 ft.) range.

The P1 Probe is a direct connect probe and a multi use tool for identifying pairs and is available to be added to the basic transmit and receive unit.

The P1 probe is used for pinpointing binding posts and for probing inside of wire groups. It is also useful for identifying which sheath the conductor is under.

It is a multimeter probe with a grounding clip and a BNC connector to connect to the RFX-2500 or RFX-2000 receiver.


It is primarily used for:

  • identifying binding posts

  • identifying pairs

  • identifying individual cables

  • identifying drops

  • identifying a discontinuity in the insulator


The P1 probe has a 100V DC maximum rating and must never be used on live AC power circuits of any kind (communication lines only).

The BNC adaptor is the input sources for the RFX-2500 receiver, the P1 probe connects to this point. The P1 probe offers NO protection whatsoever against foreign voltage. The P1 probe must never be connected to AC power lines.

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